Recent published analysis and articles

The 451 Group Reports

International Energy Agency maps out 25 years of eco-efficient IT planning

Power management suppliers seek to snare SMBs with SaaS

Facebook, planning new datacenters, says ‘PU-E’ to environmental critics

EnviProt establishes a niche position in PC power management


IT in the developing world

Survival training with the UN’s ICT specialists (

Saving lives with mobile open source (

Video: Flying doctors bring computer aid to Africa (

Environmental business and sustainable tech

The green technology paradox (NHS Resource Centre)

Innocent Smoothies’ green claims go pear-shaped (BusinessGreen)

Boris performs fuel cell U-turn (BusinessGreen)

BP denies renewables sell-off rumours (BusinessGreen)

Stern: downturn won’t slow green efforts (Smartplanet)

Prince Charles backs ‘green’ thin clients (

Video: CRT monitors given a second life in Africa (

Government approach to IT recycling under fire (

Recycling legislation finally enforced (

Open source

Jim Zemlin and the Linux Foundation: Looking after Linus (Heise UK)

Red Hat’s new chief: A pragmatic believer? (

Novell: Putting the FOSS in Fossa (

Novell chief: We helped Microsoft be more open (

Interviews, comment and features

Carbon reporting standards: a beginners’ guide (BusinessGreen)

Jim Zemlin and the Linux Foundation: Looking after Linus (Heise UK)

Are the $100 laptop’s good intentions good enough? (

The Redmond machine: terminating the opposition (Computing)

Questions + Answers: Expedia UK’s James Vaile (Computing)

Corporate work

Green column for Microsoft NHS IT Resource Centre

Green IT: Doing more with less

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